Our vision for Catalyst student ministry is to “Raise Generations to disciple generations.” Our student ministry team has a driving passion to reach and disciple students in Carroll county and equip them to go out and reach the world.

How Students Own the Vision

1 to 100- The Bible commands us to make disciple and we believe the best way to make disciples with students is through our 1 to 100 ministry. We know discipleship is done best in one-on-one relationships; therefore we encourage students to disciple one person for one year.

How can students be a part of this?

Wednesday nights:

  • Attend or lead a student led Bible study
  • Invite your friends and introduce them to Christ initiating the first steps of

Sunday morning:

  • Join an adult led small group for your grade to see a model of how to make
  • Invite your friends and introduce them to Christ initiating the first steps of


  • Use student ministry outreach events to invite your friends and introduce them to discipleship disciples and learn a lesson to teach to your disciple discipleship Christ initiating the first steps of discipleship

Catalyst Family

Building community and training leaders is part of the foundation of Catalyst student ministry. We offer for all students to become part of our Catalyst Family ministry to build the atmosphere of a family and take ownership of the ministry.

How can students be a part of this?

  • Join a Catalyst Family team:
    • There are specific areas of service that are needed during each service and event we have. To allow students to serve we have family teams led by an adult leader and student leader that students can join and serve.
    • Once a student commits to a team the adult leader and student leader will inform them of their duties and times of service
    • A list of teams is located on the next page
  • Wednesday nights:
    • Our midweek service is the main night for students to work with their team serving other students and visitors attending our service.

More than a verse

God’s word is absolutely vital in the life of students. We grow closer to the Lord when we memorize scripture and hide it in our heart. Catalyst student ministry encourages and challenges student to memorize scripture providing accountability.

How can students be a part?

  • Pick up a list of scripture in all youth areas
  • Wednesday nights
    • Accountability through small groups
  • Sunday mornings
    • Accountability through small groups
  • Mission trips
    • Scripture memory is required to attend

Sunday School:

  • Sunday Mornings 9:00 a.m. -10:00 a.m.
  • We begin the morning with an assembly in the youth room for all students to give updates and reminders about events and services.
  • The majority of our time will focus on in depth bible teaching and discussion lead by an equipped adult.
  • Classes are divided by grade and gender
  • We encourage support and guidance from adult teachers that will continue throughout the week for students in their class
  • We also encourage accountability between students throughout the week

Catalyst Wednesdays

  • Wednesday nights 6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
  • Our focus on Wednesday nights is giving students opportunity to serve and disciple other students
  • We begin the night with registration and game or hangout time from 6:30 to 7:00
  • Worship and message begins at 7:00 followed by student lead small groups until 8:00
  • Our desire is to build relationships and connect with high school and middle school students each Wednesday night.
  • Come join our family. We will eat together, play together, celebrate together, and most important worship together.